Protect Me User's Manual

The Protect Me app has four states or phases that it will go through. They are OFF, ON, ACTIVATED, and CALLING. Each state is explained here.

OFF - This state is when the ProtectMe app is not started.
ON - This state is when Protect Me is started. When Protect Me is in the ON state, it is "listening" for abrupt movement to the phone for example a hostile action.
ACTIVATED - Protect Me goes into the ACTIVATED state from the ON state when an abrupt action occurs four times within four seconds. It takes four "shakes" within four seconds to get into this state in order to negate false activations. When in this state, Protect Me will ask you if you're OK. If you give the wrong response or no response, Protect Me will go into the CALLING state. If you give the correct response, Protect Me will go back into the ON state.
CALLING - This state is entered from the ACTIVATED state. In this state, Protect Me will call your contact and speak the coordinates if that's set in your preferences.

You will first setup the preferences for Protect Me to suit your needs. Each of the preferences are explained later in this document. Once you have all the preferences set the way you like them, start ProtectMe by pressing the "Protect Me Start" button (a single audible beep will be heard, and a notification will show up in the notification bar). Once ProtectMe is started, it will run in the background so you can perform other actions with the phone, even lock the phone. If the phone is shaken beyond the threshold, you will here multiple beeps. In order to activate the Protect Me app once it's running, you will shake the phone beyond it's threshold four times within four seconds. This is to avoid false activation, for example dropping the phone. You should get use to activating the phone by placing it in your pocket or purse and shake it until you hear the phone come on and say "Are you OK?". You can then disable the ACTIVATED state of the phone by speaking your secret word. Once your secret word is validated with Protect Me, Protect Me will go back to the ON state.

Explanation of Preferences

Sensitivity - This in conjunction with the Force Threshold preference will determine the amount of "shaking" required to put Protect Me into the ACTIVATED state. The higher the number, the less shaking required to put Protect Me into the ACTIVATED state while conversely, the lower the number, the more shaking is required to put Protect Me into the ACTIVATED state.
Please Choose a Contact - By pressing this you'll be able to select the phone number that will be called. This will bring up your contact list. If you'd like to contact the police, for example, add a contact called Police and put the phone number as 911.
Text to say to your contact - If you are unable to talk, Protect Me will speak for you. This preference should be set to say the phrase you enter. For example "This is Beth Smith, I'm in trouble and I need the Police". Note, even if this is set, Protect Me will still have an open mic so you can speak and your contact will still be able to hear you. Protect Me will keep you connected until either you or your contact hangs up.
Speak Coordinates - This should be checked if you want Protect Me to speak your current latitude and longitude coordinates to your contact.
Type in the Challenge Word - The challenge word is a word that only you should know and it's used to tell Protect Me that you're OK. When Protect Me is activated, Protect Me will ask you if you're OK. If you're OK and you got into the ACTIVATED state by mistake, you speak this word and the app will go back into the ON state. If you're not OK, and you can still speak, you can say any other word to immediately go into the CALLING state. If a word is not spoken within 20 seconds, Protect Me will immediately go into the CALLING state.
Force Threshold - This preference along with the Sensitivity preference is used to set the amount of shaking required to put Protect Me into an ACTIVATED state. This value should be any where from 1.0 - 6.0, but can be adjusted for phones with more or less sensitivity within the accelerometer. This value should not be adjusted unless you find your phone is more or less sensitive than normal.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What if my phone is locked? Will it still be able to call my contact?
Yes. When the phone is locked and then is ACTIVATED meaning the phone has detected some hostile actions, Protect Me will disable the lock and ask you if you're OK. If you give the wrong response or no response, Protect Me will call your contact. If you give the correct response, Protect Me will automatically put the phone back to the locked state.

2. What's the best way to put the Protect Me application into the ACTIVATED state?
We recommend you test different situations. For example, place the phone in your purse and shake the purse until it's activated, and do this multiple times so you get used to what shaking is required to activate Protect Me. Keep in mind that your arms may be restrained so shaking your body or stomping your feet may be required to activate Protect Me so you should try activating Protect Me by stomping your feet.

3. When I go running I have the phone in my pocket, and Protect Me gets activated frequently. How can I stop this from happening without turning the sensitivity way down?
We recommend having the phone placed in an arm band or waist band while running. When the phone is in your pocket, the phone moves around quite a bit setting off some false activations, but keeping the phone snuggly against your body while running will drastically reduce the amount of false activations.

4. I can't hear the beeps when the app is started or when I start shaking the phone.

That is correct, you should hear an audible beep when ProtectMe is started and for every time it feels shaking beyond your pre-set threshold. These beeps are part of your media volume, so if you have your media volume muted, you won't hear the beeps. We suggest turning up the media volume so you get some feed back on when the threshold has been met.