Protect Me

Protect Me is an app which is always watching out for your safety. If you're in an unsafe or dangerous situation, Protect Me will call for help when you can't. There's nothing worse than having a cell phone, but not being able to use it because you're flustered or worse, you can't access it because your hands are restrained. With Protect Me, you don't have to look at your phone, or even touch your phone in order to call for help. In dangerous situations, time is of the essence, you don't have time to fumble around with your phone. It's also very difficult to look down at your phone and try to make a call during a dangerous situation. Even worse situations are when you can't talk or scream because your mouth is covered. In these situations, Protect Me will speak for you and even speak your current coordiantes to the person you're calling for help. With Protect Me, your phone can stay safely in your pocket or arm band, and when Protect Me detects threats, it will audibly ask "Are you you OK". This alone could stop an assailant, but if it doesn't, Protect Me will wait for a response from you and if doesn't get the correct response, or no response at all, Protect Me will audibly say "I'm calling the police", then make the call for help. Assaliants will likely continue if they know they're controlling the situation, but with Protect Me, the assailant doesn't have all the control which could stop the assailant. While on the phone with your contact, Protect Me will speak a preset message that you configure along with speaking the current coordinates. We are all suseptible to some kind of attack, but with Protect Me you can have added peace of mind when going for that early morning jog, walking to work, walking on campus to class, or those late night walks back to your car. Stay safe.

Protect Me works by monitoring your activity and detecting shaking of the phone which could be signs of trouble. Based on the activities you will be performing you can dial in the sensitivity. So for example, if you're jogging, you will want to set the sensitivity lower than if you were walking. The sensitivity you dial in will be a threshold for the amount of shaking required to activate the phone. Once the phone is activated (shaking is beyond the preset threshold) the phone will audibly ask you if you're OK. If the phone hears the wrong response or no response at all, the phone will speak "I'm calling the police" and then call the contact that you have preset within your preferences. You have different preferences that you can select from. One for example is the ability of Protect Me to speak for you and speak the current location to your contact.

Setup and Demonstration Video